Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Curriculum for 2008-2009

I thought I'd share what were studying this year with everyone... so here it is.....

A Beka Math K for Emily

A Beka Math 4 for Jordan

A Beka Math 5 for Jake

A Reason for Handwriting Cursive (E) for Jake and Jordan Manuscript (A) for Emily

Apologia Science- Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day (we do this together as a read aloud, all experiments are done together as well)

History- American- A Beka. We are also doing a lot of notebooking with this. Anytime Emily can participate she does. Jake and Jordan will be memorizing: The America's Creed, The first portion of The Declaration of Independance and some other documents as well.

Reading- (Jake and Jordan) We have no particulular curriculum...just lots and lots of reading. Among the books on the list this year are Little Women, Captians Courageous, Story of My Life by Helen Keller, The Hobbit by Tolkein, The Story of King Authur and His Knights, Swiss Family Robinson, Trial and Triumph by Richard Hannula, Florence Nightingale by Ruth Hume, Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Reading (for Emily)- anything she wants to read basically. Our main focus with her is teaching her to read and reading a loud with her as often as we can. We are using Phonics Pathways and we absolutely LOVE IT!

Grammar: Gworing with Grammer for Jake and Jordan; Language and Thinking for Young Children (for Emily)

Writing Strands for Jake and Jordan and the LOVE IT! They ask to do it! Its really a wonderful program in my opinion.

Commnication and Interpersonal Relationships (same publisher as writing strands)- has some great lessons on improving your communication skills.

Abeka Health 4 and 5 for Jake and Jordan

Art--A Beka Art 5 for Jake and Jordan. They love it! Also we are doing Drawing with Children as a family.

Bible- So far I have been doing some character lessons I got the ideas from In a couple of weeks we'll start a 5 year Chronilogical Study of the Bible we downloaded from the Embry Hills website. Emily will sit with Jake and Jordan for some of these lessons but she has her own Bible too. Right now for Emily we are doing Rod and Staffs "Bible Stories" to read and color. They are short lessons that explain things just right for her.

I would like to highly recommend for anyone just teaching their children to read. We love Star Fall. All of my children have learned a lot of their phonics from the site. There are print offs available as well. Star Fall is something Emily does everyday as a part of her school work!

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